Immigration and Farm Labor

Andrews Conference Room 2203 SSH
Thursday, March 16, 2023

This conference for 35-40 researchers, students, and data generators and users focuses on the three major components of the farm labor market: the demand for farm labor, the characteristics and earnings of farm workers, and the operation of the farm labor market, including health and safety issues and labor issues in cannabis.

We are grateful for the support of the ARE and the Gifford Center, the ALRB, and the Giannini, Rosenberg, and Walmart Foundations. For further information, contact Philip Martin.

View the full report of the conference here.


8:15AM: Continental breakfast

8:45AM: Welcome, Philip Martin, UC Davis

9:00AM: Demand for Labor: Technology, Trade, and Labor (20 and 10 minutes)


10:45AM: Supply of Labor: NAWS and H-2A (20 and 10 minutes)

12:15PM:Spiro Stefanou, ERS

12:30PM: Lunch

1:15PM: Farm Labor Case Studies (20 and 10 minutes)

2:45PM: Break

3:00PM: Cannabis: Labor Issues (20 and 10 minutes)        

5:00PM: Reception with ARE Faculty and Students