April 5, 2019: Farm Labor 2019: Other Countries, California, and Immigration

April 5, 2019
Kalmanovitz Appellate Courtroom, UC Davis Law School

This conference examines labor-related issues in California and US agriculture. Labor-intensive fruit and vegetable crops are almost 85 percent of California’s and 40 percent of US crop sales, farm worker employment has been increasing, and the state’s mostly unauthorized farm workers are aging and settling in one place with families that include US-born children.

Three timely issues will be discussed. First, how do other countries obtain foreign workers to fill farm jobs? Second, how is California’s farm workforce changing as currently unauthorized farm workers age and the employment of younger H-2A guest workers increases? Third, what are the effects of changing migration policies on agriculture and farm workers, and how do disputes between the federal and state government affect agricultural communities?

We are grateful for the support of the UC Ag Issues Center and the UCD Gifford Center as well as the Giannini and Rosenberg foundations. For further information, email Philip Martin.


8:15AM: Check-in and Continental Breakfast

8:45AM: Welcome, Philip Martin, UC Davis and Daniel Sumner, UC Agricultural Issues Center and UC Davis

9:00AM: Farm Labor in Australia, Canada, and Mexico (20 and 10 minutes)

10:30AM: Break

10:45AM: Farm Labor 2019 (20 and 10 minutes)

12:15PM: Lunch

1:15PM: Immigration and Agriculture (20 minutes)

3:00PM: Adjourn