Session 1: "The Need for Comprehensive Reform" (keynote)

Ana Avendaño (AFL-CIO)
Steve Li (UC Davis Class of 2014/ASPIRE)

Session 2 "Changes in US Immigration Law"

Aarti Kohli (National Immigration Law Center/Emerson Collective)
Richard Boswell (UC Hastings School of Law)
Marcine Seid (Seid Law/AILA Director of Board of Governors)
Rose Cuison-Villazor (UC Davis School of Law) (moderator)

Session 3 Skilled Employment/STEM

Magnus Lofstrom (PPIC)
David Hardtke (Chief Scientist at Bright)
Giovanni Peri (UC Davis) (moderator)

12:45 Lunch "The Impact of U.S. Immigration and Visa Policies on U.S. Competitiveness"

Vivek Wadhwa
Amandeep Kaur (UC Davis)
Hanna Siegel (The Partnership for a New American Economy)
Jake Colvin (NFTC)

Session 4 Low Wage Workers

Francisco Ugarte (Dolores Street Community Services)
Gabriel Chin (UC Davis School of Law) (TBC)
Leticia Saucedo (UC Davis School of Law) (moderator)

Session 5 Agriculture

Ed Taylor (UC Davis)
Phillip Martin (UC Davis)

Session 6 "Where Do We Go from Here?"

Kevin Johnson (UC Davis School of Law)
Bill Hing ( UC Davis School of Law/University of San Francisco)