November 16, 2012: Immigration Policy after the Elections

Immigration Policy, November 16, 2012 Meeting Report

12-1pm Friday, November 16, 2012
Moot Court Room, Room 1008 UCD Law School

The US has about 40 million immigrants, including 11 million who are unauthorized. DHS removed over a million unauthorized foreigners in Obama’s first term, and President Obama allowed unauthorized youth to apply for a temporary two-year legal status. Mitt Romney argued that tougher enforcement could reduce the number of unauthorized foreigners and did not support legalization.

President Obama called immigration reform his major "long-term" priority for a second term and House Speaker John Boehmer said that a "comprehensive approach [to immigration] is long overdue." With Democrats wanting immigration reform and Republicans needing immigration reform to increase their appeal to Hispanics, the issue is sure to be debated early in 2013.

Panelists will each speak for 10 to 12 minutes, after which there will be time for questions and answers. This event is sponsored by the UCD Law School and the Gifford Center for Population Studies.

Moderator, Erin Hamilton, Sociology

Kevin Johnson, UCD Law School 
Philip Martin, Agricultural and Resource Economics 
Giovanni Peri, Economics
Leticia Saucedo, UCD Law School